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The Gézengúz Foundation was established in 1990 by Dr. Judit Schultheisz, pediatrician for providing family-focused, early childhood intervention for prematures, children with nervous system injuries and for those with altered development or developmental risks.

Since then the Foundation has become one of the biggest non-profit civil organization of Hungary in this field. On the basis of our system-based model we receive children and their families in five centers in Hungary (Budakalász, Óbuda, Budafok, Győr and Salgótarján). Our objective is to provide holistic interventional activity in natural living space, including early diagnostics, integrated care and follow-up. Child neurology and pediatric radiology, Huple®-diagnostics, physiotherapy survey, psychological, psycho-pedagogical and development psychological diagnostics compose part of complex diagnostics available in our institutions. The duties of the diagnostics special team include diagnostic management, continuous follow-up and control and proper information transfer. Our Foundation has worked out the Social Information Services (SIS) and made it available to everybody in Hungary, the purpose of which is to give information to the families about the social supports provided by the state. Based on complex assesment we develop customized and adequate supply module, implemented in the framework of trans-disciplinary teamwork. The following forms of services are applied by the specialists of our Foundation: Dynamizing Analytic Movement Therapy (DAMT), program with Huple® balance and coordination development tool, Neuro-hydrotherapy in bath – NHT1. (until the age of 5 months) and in pool – NHT2 (until the age of 3-4 years), therapeutic swimming (over the age of 4), different manual therapeutic methods (Pfaffenrot-therapy, Bowen-technique), Kinezio-tape technique, sensory integration therapy (Ayres-therapy) in water and on land, special needs education, baby-mother consultation, child and family psychotherapy. We provide outpatient services in individual and integrated group form, or in residence Weekly Intensive Therapy. Besides therapies and developments ensuring efficient improvement the Gézengúz model puts great emphasis on prevention, the priority area of which is the prevention program of prematures, as risk group.
We are convinced that the basis of the successful early intervention is the close cooperation with the family and relatives, therefore we pay special attention to the support of relations around the child and to the coordination of the child and family paths.
The Foundation takes part in the graduate training of the future specialists (physiotherapists, childcare nurses) presenting our early childhood intervention model and giving an insight into the possibilities and into the teamwork of diverse services. Furthermore, we offer accredited trainings for ECI providers in order to acquire the healthcare-rehabilitation methods (Huple®-program, NHT) worked out by Dr. Judit Schultheisz and by the associates of Gézengúz Foundation.