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The DizabNet network was established in 2007, representing a communication and presentation platform for the social service providers in the field of disability, complementary to all organizations that are representing the rights and interests of persons with disabilities, in accordance with all international documents in the specified field, especially the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The first facilitators of the network were: „Alpha Transilvana” Foundation from Tg Mureș, “Hans Spalinger” Association Simeria, “Orban” Foundation from Odorheiu Secuiesc, “Pentru Voi” Foundation Timișoara, „Trebuie” Fetești Association, with the support of EASPD (European Asociation for Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities) and Handicap International.
In the present, the network contains 106 member organizations and institutions, private and public alike, protected units, individual offices, as well as independent experts from the academic field.
The DizabNet Network is represented by the DizabNet Federation ( since 2016, the DizabNet Federation becoming a member of EASPD in 2017.

The DizabNet mission is to facilitate growth in the quality of the services provided to persons with disabilities by member organizations and institutions so as they could turn to their competences and resources into a superior advantage.

The DizabNet vision considers that the services provided to persons with disabilities in Romania are essential instruments in promoting social inclusion and that their improvement and modernization will contribute substantially to an improvement in the quality of life of these persons, as well as in the governance of the community.

Therefore, DizabNet is an open network to all organizations and institutions dedicated to fulfilling the needs of persons with disabilities in Romania.
The DizabNet aim is to promote and sustain the collaboration framework for the active organizations that are service providers for persons with disabilities in order to sustain their continuous growth in quality.

DizabNet members are sustaining their activities based on the same common principles:
• Respecting the fundamental human rights and liberties
• Prevention and fighting discrimination
• Equality of opportunities
• Social solidarity
• Subsidiarity
• Integrated approach, centered on the needs of the persons with disabilities
• Partnership
• Integration and social inclusion of persons with disabilities

DizabNet members are sharing the same core values: efficaciousness and efficiency, recognition and acceptance of different organizational cultures, transparency and trust, discipline and conscientiousness, involvement and support for other members’ initiatives.
DizabNet members are willing to cooperate in the following domains:
a) Promoting continuous and integrated services set out from the needs of the beneficiaries
b) Promoting good practices
c) Lobby and advocacy in favor of social service providers in the benefit and interests of the rights of the persons with disabilities and their families
d) Professional development
e) Relevant information exchange in the field of disability and social services
f) Development and implementation of activities, projects and partnership programs
g) Dissemination and promoting relevant information for Dizabnet
h) Promoting a sense of shared responsibility in the community and social inclusion
i) Legal framework improvement regarding the social service domain
j) Dissemination and promoting international documents regarding the rights of people with disabilities