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NASSP-ECI was established on the base of initiative of ECI providers with the goal to support accessible and high-quality ECI service in Slovakia. In 2018 23 of total 28 Slovak ECI providers are the NASSP-ECI members. All the ECI providers are networked when common methodology is being built.

NASSP-ECI now concentrates on:

  1. Legislation changes in ECI area (in cooperation with Ministry of Social Affairs and Family) – closer defining of ECI service structure, conditions for providing, prioritizing of ECI mobile programs, adding to the competencies of service providers also “support of family integration into the community”, need of interdisciplinary team, obligatory funding of ECI.
  2. Preparation of social service quality standards for ECI as far as the way of providing and quality varies.
  3. Training Slovak ECI providers about high-quality standards of ECI and crating space for ECI experience exchange among the providers.