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The toolboxes are chosen because of their relevance for the Agora project.

Underlying these 5 toolboxes is “ Recommended Practices in Early Childhood Intervention, a guidebook for professionals”, the translation of “Práticas Recomendadas em Intervenção Precoce na Infância – Um Guia para Profissionais” from Portugal.

It is written by our colleagues in Portugal after concepting, developing and working on ánd in their national system for over 30 years.

The work done by those colleagues reflects the combination of scientific evidence, done over 30-40 years by international colleagues, visions from parents, professionals from all areas involved in ECI, international organizations like UN and UNICEF and national government(s), put into practice.

The toolboxes start with the neurological bases: the healthy and optimal development of the neurological system of any child, with or without special needs, is crucial and essential to obtain the best outcomes. And nowadays we are fortunate to have good access to this information in a way that’s comprehensible for all parties involved in supporting, learning and development in young children.

The Guidebook, and therefore the toolboxes, unfold all further essential and inter-related topics from children’s development, professional development and development of societies: what system should we have or do we need and how do we organize it in a way children and families really can experience the benefits from it in an all embracing way which will contribute to an inclusive society?

We therefore have emphasized in each toolbox the main chapters to consult in the Guide. We however would like to state: all chapters, topics and information are connected without a doubt, and essential to use within any development of an “overall system” in any country.

Experience has taught and learned us: there is no “ready-made recipe”. If only that was true…

Each country has to investigate and design it’s own “best system”, taking into account the history, culture and current situation.

We hope and wish this Guidebook, the toolboxes, the information in it, will help you in a substantial way.

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